The Young British Foodie Awards 2013 (YBFs)

The Young British Foodie Awards 2013 

Last month I received an email with the news I had been shortlisted for the YBF finals 2013.  6 traders have been nominated in the Street Food category. Rola Wala, Bao London, Madelaine Express, WildRover Food, Born Yesterday & Manjit’s Kitchen.  An impressive line up of traders at the top of their game.

So I now had the challenge of , traveling to London, setting up,  preparing food, meeting the judges.  I thought about driving the van, rolling the cart. After a few sleepless nights I decided upon taking “The Suitcase SetUp”  – In Street Food many say  “you’re flash is your cash”  and what could be more flashy than my dad’s old suitcase filled with muri tins and decked out in garlands?

I packed my suitcase and hopped on the train.



I arrived into Kings X – me and my suitcase of delights hotfooted it across town and arrived at the venue with minutes to spare. I strolled past the gleaming H van and shimmering Airstream and found a corner to unpack my case of delights.

Adrenaline fueled chopping, mixing and shaking and the judges were with me.  I prepared three Bhel Puri cones and handed them over – whilst chatting about the food and how it all began.  My head slowly filling with things I wished i had said.  30 minutes later – all done and in the pub.


The winners are announced next week (Tuesday 10th Sept)  follow @TheYBFS  for all the info.