“Don’t Write Me Off “

As you may have heard via my recent social media out-pourings  (@manjitskitchen on twitter) – I  have had a difficult week.  Since Christmas, we  (Mr J and I)  have  been busy behind the scenes, working on a new vehicle and a new set up for Manjit’s Kitchen. We were all set to launch this week and head to our first event of the Summer season.  Sadly on Tuesday, during the night the vehicle was vandalised beyond repair -covered in paint stripper, tyres done, windows etc etc.  The police are involved and trying to get to the bottom of why this has happened.  Yesterday my insurance company reported that the vehicle will be written off, as it is beyond economical repair.  So we will lose money, have no vehicle and be out of action for a while.  Back to square 1.

On Wednesday I wanted to pack up and leave Leeds.

I started  conversations about the situation on twitter – as a coping strategy as much as anything else.  Offers of help and support have come in from all over and I now have a determination to get my show back on the road, (quickly)

So what’s next ?

What do you do when life gives you lemons? – Yes.. of course..you go out and buy a blue horsebox.



Friend of a friend knew of a horsebox in a field in Wakefield.  I went to Wakefield, haggled with a farmer and bought the horsebox.  My friend’s dad has a caravan and tows it to Whitby – surely he could tow a blue horsebox to Leeds – he could and he did.

The plan is convert this blue horsebox into an Indian style cooking station.  I hope  the insurance money will cover the cost of a towing vehicle and I will launch a crowdfunder campaign to help fund the conversion of the horsebox and we can get back onto the road.  I send a smile to Katie and Kim’s Kitchen for showing that this indeed may be possible!

Thank- you to all who have sent messages of support. They are appreciated – big time. I am not very good at asking for help or things but do look out for the crowd funder campaign when it is launched and  I may post again with a request for actual things we need like paint, worktop, gas burner etc.

But for now – i am off to buy a bucket and start cleaning.

Thankyou for reading Manj & Michael x