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This week was the first #soultraders Christmas meet up

We met in a house, (@mikechitty’s) round an extended table. All traders, pedlars, hawkers who have gone it alone. Some years ago, some months ago. Risky business, soulful business.

There was eating, drinking, planning, plotting and who know what will sprout as a result.

How to Sprout

20 sprouts will feed a small group of pascifists

Wash, trim, remove outer jackets. Halve

Heat a glug of oil,

Add a good finger pinch of mustard seeds and cumin seeds Starting to pop, they are telling you to add the next spice

Add an even bigger pinch of sesame seeds – Relax and watch them brown. Breathe.

Next up pinch of Asafoetida – a whole star anise too, it will pose for photo when the dish is served.

Good pinch of Chilli, Turmeric, a grind of salt.

Pour in the sprouts – strir and coat with the spicy goodness Brown up the edges of the undressed sprouts. Then pour in the Tamarind 1/2 cup say.

Bubble away without a lid until the sprouts are how you like.

Short time for crunch or longer for softer – to melt on the tongue and wash away the memories of school mash and bitter Christmas dinners.

For the Tamarind

If you have Tamarind chutney made up, use that – you know what your doing.

Or mix tamarind paste with warm water – sweeten up with jaggery/sugar.

Or boil 1/4 Tamarind block in cup of water sweeten with jagggery/sugar and push through a sieve.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and much sprouting in 2012

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sprout   (sprout)

v. sprout·edsprout·ingsprouts


1. To begin to grow; give off shoots or buds.
2. To emerge and develop rapidly.


To cause to come forth and grow.


1. Young plant growth, such as a bud or shoot.
2. Something resembling or suggestive of a sprout, as in rapid growth

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Manjit’s News

Home Delivery will be available 9th/10th December and 16/17th December –

Taking Bookings now  for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve


I am pleased to announce that I am now a married women. It was a fantastic day and naturally, food played a big part. Create Restaurant hosted our wedding breakfast and it was absolutely delicious. At the evening reception Fish& brought their catering hut and served up quality cones of fish and chips. Indie Ices brought his Kulfi Trike and set up next to the dancefloor. Hash Brownies provided trays of luscious brownies and Sunshine Bakery made and displayed a beautiful wedding cake. Me and my ladies sorted all the Indian food.  A wedding banquet provided by Leeds finest independent food producers. I thank you all for what you did.

This week Manjit’s Kitchen won the Best of Leeds Awards Vegetarian category – A massive thanks to all who voted. This was a  surprise and is a fitting recognition for all the effort we have put in this year.

On Wednesday I catered a music groups record launch. With no cooking facilities at the venue and an informal crowd on their feet, – I provided Bhel Puri Chaat.  I set up my table and tins in the corner and mixed up fresh Chaats to order. A cocktail type mix of puffed rice, Channa, onion, cucumber,onions, coriander, chilli, tamarind chutney and coriander and mint chutney. Was a hit!!! Will be definitely be developing the Chaat side of things in the future. So look out for me if you Fancy a Chaat 

Have a good week 

Manjit x